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Old School Lawn Supplies (Online Store), Window Cleaning & Driveway Spot Removal

Window Cleaning

so cleaned

Windows are cleaned the old fashion way with soap and a squeegee…

Driveway Spot Removing

cleaned driveway

We don’t involve chemicals removing oil spots. We remove spots by using…

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Why It Is Important To Mow Your Lawn Regularly

Keeping your lawn healthy is very important during the growing season. There are many factors to consider and the way you mow is one of them. We will touch a little on why it is

Overgrown Lawn Help

It happens! Sometimes we let our lawns grow out of control thinking that we will get it done this weekend. And as the days pile up so does the growth in your lawn. Many have

Lawn Cleanup Services

Many people let Fall cleanup slide past them without cleaning up their lawns. This usually results in a big cleanup in the Spring. Because it is a tedious job, lawn cleanup services are often needed