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I think it is a very needed thing to let my customers know how much I appreciate them. I started this lawn service in February of 2017. I started it not knowing what to expect and I managed to pick up a good amount of customers the first time out. So I just wanted to put into words a thank you to my customers.

Thanks For Being Courteous
inviting & courteous
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A lot of times my customers would ask me if I wanted something to drink or is there anything they could get for me. That makes me feel really welcome on their property and to feel trusted is the best part of being of service to someone.

Thanks For Being Patient

I work by myself so I think I might have taken longer to do my customers yard than they probably were used to. But I also try to do a lawn as if it were my own so that way if I am satisfied then I know they will be too. Plus two people are faster than one.

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Thanks For Giving Me An Opportunity
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By me being new nobody had to give me a shot. So that I am very thankful for. Imagine having someone you hired pull up on an e-bike with a trailer on it. Well, that was how I had to start out.  You have to crawl before you walk and the people who gave me a chance must realize that in their heart.

Thank You And God Bless You

I sincerely thank all of you and an advance thank you to anyone who I may be called on to work for. I love what I do so I will be around as long as God is willing. I hope everyone has a good winter and I look forward to this upcoming Spring.

Please, everyone, feel free to visit my site to get lawn care information in which I post from time to time. And leave any comments below even if you were not a customer. I welcome everybody on my website. Thanks.


4 Replies to “A Thank You To My Customers”

  1. I love your set up! Economical and you’re leaving a smaller carbon footprint lol! I used to dig gardens and plant little bushes and flowers and put down mulch and whatever edging they wanted. I started by just cleaning houses and cutting hedges.. one thing led to another.. soon I had an old used truck and accumulated several gardening tools and had a small business. It is word of mouth from happy customers referring you to their friend’s neighbors and family that make your business grow. Good luck with all of your endeavors!

    1. Thank you, Kelley. You know it has been fun using the Ebike and trailer but I do need to step it up when I can. You know how it is the first go round. It takes time to accumulate all I need but I am patient and will welcome it when I am able too. Until then I will just keep on doing what I do to get the job done. Thanks for your blessings.

  2. I thank you, Ronnie. You did an exceptional job on my lawn every time you came to do it. The perfection never wavered. I look forward to seeing you in the spring and will be back in touch shortly for the last go around on my lawn.

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