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Some people dread having to take care of their lawn every year on their own. It becomes a chore that you wish you could do without. But if you like grooming your yard then sitting back and admiring the beautiful haircut, sort of speaking, that you just gave it then you have a reason to gloat about it. This is considered the beginning of one good homeowner lawn tip this post will provide.

The Art Of Cutting A Lawn

Most people think you just get behind the mower and let it do its thing. Well, you know those mowing lines your mower leaves?  That is your first artistic impression you can concentrate on.

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If you get into it, your lawn cutting becomes fun to you. This also tells you that your grass is laying down in a certain direction. It wouldn’t hurt to change directions from week to week. This will help it from flattening out in one direction but instead, it will give it a chance to stand up.

Prior To The Mow

What I think is a good idea is to trim up everything first like around the bushes, house structure, fence lines, structures in the middle of the yard and all your edging. When you trim up around obstacles it gives you the turn around space you need when mowing.

Never Mow While Grass Is Wet 

Attempting to mow a wet lawn will only give you an uneven cut. This is because the grass will lay down and duck the blades on you. Damp grass is pretty much the same way. So let the morning dew get a chance to dry up first for better results.

Trim Trees & Bushes 
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If you really want to do something you can admire, try trimming up your hedges & any low hanging tree branches. Not only will you add some uniformity to your yard but you also will be helping those shaded areas which don’t get the sunlight it needs.

Accomplishing The Job 

This means you have to have the desire to take care of your yard and have the proper equipment to do so. There are some pretty good pole saws and hedge trimmers around.

If you are into being eco-friendly Click Here to see the perfect options. I am sure you will appreciate the equipment you will discover.

I hope you enjoyed the post and that it helped someone out today. Thanks for visiting and leave any questions or comments in the comments section below.

12 Replies to “Good Homeowner Lawn Tips”

  1. Great post- thanks for the insight in mowing in a different direction- I never thought or heard of that! But then again I am really just at the beginning stages of learning how to do everything in my yard! I do have an irrigation drainage issue that happens at times where a bit of the grass it wet and it is so terrible when it gets mowed over all spongy/muddy.

  2. Haha, I really remember dreading to mow the lawn as a kid, but that’s cause we had one of the true push-mowers, all “man” power, no horsepower. Great post!! I wish I knew some of these tips a while ago, especially the wet grass one, but I’m in the desert now. No lawn to mow!!! 🙂
    I really like the bit about trimming hedges and trees too, and that’s something I do have growing. Plants seem to just do better with a regular ‘haircut’ anyway. Very nice information and a joy to read. Thanks!

  3. Great tips for getting ready to mow. I never considered mowing in different directions to get a better look. Do you have any recommendations of how often I should be mowing, or should it just be based on a certain length?

    1. Great question. It would be safe to say every 10 to 14 days then it depends on the length. If you have heavy rain, sometimes it will grow out very quick and you might cut it in 7 days.

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for your post. Seems like I had been doing some things backwards!
    I will try trimming before I mow and see how that works out

    1. Actually, some people have their way to cut and they stand by it. What is being said in the post is that it would be easier to clear the way so you can mow obstacle free.

  5. Great post. I put my mower on the highest setting to cut the grass. It allows the grass to get more moisture from the morning dew.

    1. Everybody has their own techniques for their lawn that works for them. What you also want to be concerned with is your roots getting the proper moisture as well. The average cut height is 2 1/2 to 4 inches depending on the type of grass you have. I will be doing a post on that in the future. Thanks for sharing your lawn idea with everyone. I think that is a good plan you have.

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