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There are many lawn services in our local area you can choose from. Many of them do some services that the other one may not. We wanted to let you know how Old School Lawn Service works so a potential customer knows what to expect.

What We Have To Offer

Here at Old School Lawn Service, we want to provide the customer with a way they can get their lawn cut and groomed so that it does not grow out of control on them.

Equipment Used by Old School Lawn Service
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We know that maintaining your own lawn can sometimes go against your normal routine which often ends up neglecting a lawn. This is where we come in.

So what we will do is make sure your lawn is routinely cut, edged and cleaned up on a two-week schedule or weekly schedule at the customer’s request. In other words, you grow it we mow it!

We do not do any landscaping, fertilizing, aerating or planting although we plan on it in the future. We do offer a post on this website pertaining to all three. We like for people to understand what they need to have a beautiful lawn.

However, we can offer our input and refer you to who we know will do a good job of what you may be looking for.

How We Serve Our Customer

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When I started Old School Lawn Service I wanted to provide a service that our customers could rely on each and every season. I wanted the customer to never have to worry about their lawn not being maintained during the season.

Once you join our customer base we will treat you as a valued customer and nothing less. The first thing we will do is perform as you would expect or request us to. We just ask that you maintain your assigned cut day.

Because we have a cut schedule it is hard to change your cut day because all daily slots are already filled. Sometimes the weather may affect the day but will be caught up so nobody has to change their day.

Our Personal Touch & Relationship

I feel that great communication must exist between the company & customer. This will keep it where all know what is going on at any given time. This means no unexpected visits or simple no shows.

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During the season you will receive a reminder the day before and notice of any cuts that are delayed due to weather. And I mean every time. Why? because this lets you know we will be there and you never have to guess.

We also might suggest some things that may be helpful to your lawn and let you decide on your own what you want to do.

I also think that if you would rather have something done a certain way we will listen and adhere to your request.

Most of all, we encourage you to call or text us with any concern you may have and you will get a response back immediately as seen or heard.

Easy Ways To Make Payments

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We set our payments up where it is convenient for the company & our customers. Because there are some who have properties who don’t live here locally, we want them to be able to have hassle-free payment opportunities.

Because we use Quickbooks for our accounting, we have an invoicing system in which you will receive invoices that you can pay online. It is a safe way to pay.

But if you feel uncomfortable paying this way, and many do, you can pay cash or check as well. But for convenience to the company & the customer, this would be the more efficient way to handle transactions.

Products by Old School Lawn Service

Old School Lawn Service Store Slider
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Because we know that a lot of people have the need for some products because they do some lawn work on their own, we added our own lawn supplies store.

Click Here To Visit The Store

You can get many things such as furniture, supplies & tools as well. Take the time to visit the store. You will find many things that may be of interest to you.

Get Signed Up

If you are looking for quality service that will always be there and not let you down, you want to sign up now.

Because we run a service that goes beyond just coming out to cut your lawn, we have only so many we can handle in a two-week period. This keeps it real on both ends.

So feel free to get a quote or for a quicker response just call us at 405-420-6948.

My name is Ronnie Jordan, the owner, and I look forward to working for you and will definitely earn the right to be your service company. Thanks for dropping in.





2 Replies to “How Old School Lawn Service Works”

  1. Ron, AKA Huggy bear, man you’re doing it. Hey dude guess what, I’ve restarted a lawn service as well. Yep! Had one years ago but went through some things , but God is restoring. Thanks to you, and reading your site, I’m inspired and I’ve learned a few things. Thanks Huggy…. you encourage a brother.

    1. You are so welcome, Pastor. Man, I am honored. I always knew that God gave me this for many reasons. I hope it all works out well with your business. I would be happy to help out with anything I can do to assist you.

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