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A lot of us have well-groomed lawns that we are proud of. What can we do to accent a really nice yard? We can start by adding little extras around the property to make your property stand out. I have a few suggestions on how to add beauty to your yards surroundings. I am going to share what I have seen that I thought looked nice.

Window Boxes & Planters
Window Flower Box
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I have seen some properties that have some of the most beautiful flower boxes in their windows or porch ledges that just gave a burst of color that accented a very beautiful maintained lawn.

I don’t know a lot about growing flowers but I know some of the ones I saw were not arranged by an amateur. If you have never done it before maybe it would be a good hobby for you.

I do know that you have to make sure you keep them fed and watered well to get good results. If you have thought about putting some plants out in a pot or box I would recommend looking into some of the self-watering pots & boxes. It will make it easier to get well-watered plants.  Click Here to see a few in our online store.

Yard Furnishings
Yard Furniture
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When it comes to lounging around and enjoying your front or backyard, a nice touch of some yard or porch furnishings also help to bring out the beauty of your lawn as well. I have seen some really nice looking furnishings that have complimented the property in a whole.

Whether it is a place for two or a whole ensemble of yard furnishing it can be a real eyecatcher to whoever looks that way. To get a look at some of the furniture that Old Scool Lawn Supplies has Click Here. 

Yard Fireplaces
Yard Fireplace
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To really set off a backyard there are some beautiful fireplaces that really put an extravagant look to your backyard parties. And then that beautiful cut green lawn with the smooth edging will really stand out for sure.

If your yard is not quite that big you can always look at the fire pits which are just as attractive for those cool nights. Start by having a look at some fireplaces by Clicking Here. 

These are just a few things that I have seen that I thought made a yard really stand out. You may have some ideas yourself that is even better. But that is why I write these post so that we all can share what is on our mind about the topic.

I want to thank you for taking the time to visit us and we have a comment section below for everyone to ask questions or share their thoughts. You would be amazed at what you have to say could do for someone. We look forward to hearing from you.

18 Replies to “How To Add Beauty To Your Yards Surroundings”

  1. Thanks for sharing Ronnie. I currently don’t have a yard to spruce up, but you’ve definitely given me some inspiration for mothers day gifts. She is always looking for new ways to make her yard look nice. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do the same!

    1. If you want it, it will be done. But I think your Mom would love it if she is in tune with her yard. Let her take a look at some of the products and see which catches her eye. Then you will know what to surprise her with.

  2. My wife and appreciate our yard furniture. We spend a lot of time sitting in our backyard. I like the idea of the yard fireplace. That is something I will definitely be looking for more on.

    1. I will say that it will accent your lounging area for sure. It will set a really nice ambiance when you are back there entertaining or just relaxing like you are.

  3. Some great ideas we just purchased our home and are in need of some outdoor scaping if you will. Do you think that it is wise to do seasonal type stuff or will it serve well to have year-round decor that we don’t have to be concerned about the weather? any ideas on bird-related furnishings? we enjoy feeding the birds and such but there are so many types of feeders how do we tell which is better or worse the prices are all over the place advice is appreciated thanks

    1. You have an array of things you can purchase with the birdfeeders. You first must learn about the birds that are in your area. They have different types of seed that one species may like and another may not. Then you have high protein or energy type food for them. So, find out what birds are in your area and learn their eating habits.

      Also if you live in a cold region there are houses you can pick to help shelter them from the cold winds.

      As far as the furnishings they do have faux furnishings to deal with the elements. Some furnishings won’t hold up well under the elements. In this case, you just have to store them well in the winter months and they will be just fine.

  4. We have been looking for something to liven up our back patio we are really interested in some of the ‘yard fireplaces’ you have listed. There are also a lot of great ideas for window planters. I was thinking of building something but there are already so many affordable items available that are much nicer than anything I could do. Thanks!

  5. Great post! I didn’t know that self-watering pots and boxes even existed! This would help me a ton, as my green thumb, well, it’s rather black. Haha! Maybe with something like that I could actually have beautiful window boxes!

    1. Don’t feel alone. Many people are not good at keeping their planters watered as they should. Sometimes things just happen that throw you off from tending to them regularly. That is why this product is handy.

  6. Great ideas! I have a good size deck in the back, but overall it seems bland. There is no covering, so no posts to hang any decor. I do have a plot of trees close by, what are your thoughts on decorating trees?

  7. Hi Ronnie,
    Self-watering planters and boxes are such great ideas! I didn’t even know they existed! Thanks for the informative article!

  8. I’m a big fan of making my backyard better and what you’ve presented here seem to be viable options. I don’t want to spend a lot of money nor do I want to go too cheap either. I’ll have to go with window boxers and yard furnishings, as I can see some good ones on Amazon. What would you recommend? Cheers for the help.

    1. I think a person should think about what they are going to be doing in their yard and get items that will complement the plans. If you like hanging out in the yard in late evenings or cool nights a fire pit or fireplace will complement that idea and so on.

  9. So many great options that you listed, especially the firepits. You can never go wrong with one of those and they are a great addition that can be used year-round. I need to get one for my patio now that I think of it!


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