Weed Control
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Weed Control, just as many of those who use weed control there are more who don’t use weed control. Some people are content with just keeping their lawns manicured and will never do any weed control. But let’s discuss if weed control is needed at all.

The Benefits of Weed Control

The truth to the matter is that weeds rob your landscape from looking its best. They accomplish this by cheating your grass, plants, and even trees with light, air & the proper nutrients to keep them looking healthy.

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Weeds pretty much choke out anything around them and can take over your entire lawn if allowed. A good weed control treatment program will help you to fend them off and keep them at a bare minimum.

Removing weeds from your yard is good for everyone who is hanging out in the yard. Some weeds attract pests that can sometimes be a nuisance. Bees are one that is attracted by weeds such as clover. Some people are allergic to bees.

For your pets, some weeds are actually poisonous and if digested can cause some health issues for them. Especially their digestive system.

How A Weed Control Program Can Help

If your lawn is struggling with weeds a 7 step program will apply a pre-emergent application in Spring & Fall and then in the middle of the two, the lawn is fertilized. This is all done by our professionals who set up the proper program that fits your needs.

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This way your lawn will receive all it needs throughout the growing season as well as the off-season. the fertilizer is a slow-release formula so that it keeps your lawn fed throughout the year.

Weed control lawns always stand out over the ones that are not. They look greener and fuller than those that are not.

For your pleasure a video to help you identify some weeds, you may have.

How To Get Set Up for Service

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To get your lawn set up all you have to do is contact me, Ronnie Jordan, here at Old School Lawn Service. The contact number is 405-420-6948. I look forward to helping you get your lawn looking its best throughout the year.

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