Lot Mowing Services
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The winter is hitting us hard in the year 2021. But it is not going to stop us from needing someone to maintain our lots when we don’t really have the time or the equipment to do so. This is when you start seeking your local lot mowing services for a hand.

Keep Those Violations Out Your Life

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Sometimes when you try to keep your empty lots maintained yourself unfortunate things come up which can cause your lot to sometimes get out of hand. Things like not having time, no or broken equipment or property is just too far away.

This sometimes leaves you with an overgrown lot in which you can get a costly violation for. The way to avoid this is to have a company handle the task with a scheduled lot mowing service.

Who to Choose

Here at Old School Lawn Service, we pride ourselves on making sure we hold up to our side of a deal by showing up as scheduled with no excuses. We only let one thing interrupt the scheduled day and that is Mother Nature.

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And in that case, we jump on it on the next available day as the weather makes us skip. This way you never have to worry about it not getting done at all. And this you can count on and never worry.

Our name reflects the way business was done back in the old days. With pride and professionalism.

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Let Us Earn The Right

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So, don’t wait until it is too late to set your lot up for servicing. Give us a call at 405-420-6948 and we will get you on the schedule for lot mowing service and keep you from getting that never wanted violation that could cost you more than getting it serviced.

Thanks for visiting our website and we look forward to being of service to you.


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