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As the Winter sets in the colder it gets and then the snowfall in some areas. We are less concerned about yard work so we are not in our yards as much turning our yard space into a lonely winter lawn.

What Shall We Do?

We have pampered our lawn all summer long and enjoyed hanging out in the front and back yards. So we tell our lawns we will miss your beautiful green bed and we will see you in the Spring.

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Hopefully, we have done what we had to do to prepare it for the upcoming Spring. We should have fertilized it to nourish the roots over the Winter months. If not we have to start preparing to do it in the early Spring.

We have most likely either covered our lawn furniture or stored them in a nice dry area. Hiding it from the winter elements. If you need help on how to store your lawn furniture Click Here.

Now your lawn is all alone and has an occasional family dog who loves to come out and play in the snow. Now your lawn has temporary company throughout the Winter.

Spring Is Right Around The Corner

As we calmly wait we start to think about Spring cleaning. But this time we include our ideas for Spring cleaning the lawn as well.

We can’t wait for our lawns to wake up from the cold season and we are ready to welcome it to company and barbeques once again. So we say for now sleep tight lawn and we will see you in the Spring.

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6 Replies to “Lonely Winter Lawn”

  1. Oh, I never knew you had to fertilize the lawn, this is something new to me. Although, I have seen people put some sort of sprinkles down on their lawn. I just never knew what they were doing.

    I guess they were placing fertilizer in the grass. I also probably never knew because, where I live we do not have much of a lawn to take care of. The front and back yards are really small so, not much to do with the yards…

    I can say it is nice when the grass starts to turn green again, right now during the winter, it does not have much of a color. You’re right I can not wait until my lawn wakes up so, that I can barbecue again. And, maybe some flowers can grow this year…Thank you for this wonderful post…

    1. Yes, it is important if your soil has lost some nutrients. You basically are helping your lawn like a baby making sure it has all it needs to thrive at its peak. They might have been overseeding as well. If you ever have to maintain your lawn just stop in and see some of the posts. They will help you a bit. Thanks for visiting and I am glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. Thanks for the share! I have thought about planting indoors and grow with a germination station since it is too cold to plant outside, I like your ideas for preparing for Spring.

  3. Hi there, I miss my lawn too. BBq’s and enjoying the mild sun in the evenings. We will have to wait. It will be spring again.
    Have a great time, see you.

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