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Every year we are faced with the fact that we must establish some kind of weed control. There are many a few ways to weed control but I am going to focus on a way that doesn’t cross the average person’s mind. That is nature’s weed control, the birds!

Do Birds Help Your Lawn? 

The fact is, yes they can. They are a natural benefit to your lawn and garden that comes in a few ways.

We know that we have pest’s that affect our lawn and gardens in the form of insects. If we invite birds into our yards, the will naturally take advantage of feasting on these bugs thus helping us reduce the pest problem.

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As far as weed control goes, there are some variety of birds that consume a lot of weed seeds. One of the most common bird is the sparrow. What this does is nips the weed plants in the bud.

Invite Birds Into Your Environment

People have been inviting birds into their yards for years and some probably did not know they had a natural weed control in place but was focusing on the beauty and tranquility of it.

We welcome birds into our environment by setting up our yards to provide them what they need that will draw them to the area. We do this by providing food and water with feeders and bathing.

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There is a vast majority of these items that provide some beauty to your yard while attracting birds as well. Feel free to Click Here and view some nice bird feeders & baths to add to your environment.

Provides A Relaxation Zone As Well

It is said that watching birds in your backyard can help you to relax which is what you want while lounging around in your yard. This would be a great way to add some weed control as well as beauty to your yard in the process.

I hope this post added some insight on attracting birds into your environment and feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comments below. Thank you for visiting.


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