No Hassle Planting
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When it comes to having beautiful plants or food growing we would like to be able to improve our efforts every chance we get. One way is to improve the soil & the roots of our plantings. There are many ways to do it but there is an instrument to give us no hassle planting that will make our work a lot easier. Self-watering planters & pots are those instruments.

Benefits Of Self Watering Planters

What exactly is a self-watering planter? They are raised self-contained beds that are watered with reservoirs or wicks. The water is supplied to the roots of the plantings using this method which is slowly released.

Self Watering Window Box
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People utilize these planters for not only plants but for fruits, vegetables & herbs as well.

One good thing about this method is that the roots absorb the water that you supply to the reservoir. This cuts down on what the water takes away from your soil when it normally flows out of holes of the traditional pots & planters

Modular designs allow you flexibility in your decorating either inside or outside. They are also built durable to handle either situation and will last you for a while.

They also have raised boxes that are great for your porches and patios.

Healthier Root Growth
Healthy Root Growth
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Because your plants are being supplied water slowly & consistently it will aid in them becoming much healthier. Overwatering and saturating them with water could result in root rot.

Another reason why self-watering pots & planters assist your roots in healthy growth is that your soil is not losing all its nutrients due to the process of watering.

Normally when you water your plants the water is washing out the nutrients as it drains through the holes of traditional pots & planters. This results in your plantings not getting the proper nourishment.

You could use traditional planters and constantly replenish your soil with organic matter but the self-watering products are designed to make your job hassle-free.

So you see, you are able to lose some of the tedious chores of tending to your plantings because the self-watering planters take up some of the slack.

The reservoir holds the water you put in and sends it to the roots of the plantings as needed. It is slowly released and results in less water waste.

No Hassle Gardening
No Hassle Planting
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Because the self-watering planters pretty much take care of your plantings on its own with the help of you providing water to the reservoir, it makes it hassle free for you to maintain all of your plantings.

This is good to know especially if you maintain quite a few plants, vegetables, herbs or whatever you decide to plant. You can even add your plant food to the water to really help keep your plantings healthy.


If you do plant a lot you can see how this could lessen your work and at the same time make your thumb greener than it already is. Your plantings will most definitely benefit having a self-watering product to nourish it.

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