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As the winter rolls in we have to start thinking about our patio & lawn furniture as well as our lawns. If you do not have adequate indoor storage space you want to protect your furniture from the harsh winter elements. You can do this by using some patio furniture winter covering.

The Benefits Of Covering Your Furniture


If you are like me you don’t want to replace your furniture year after year. Especially if you have acquired that one piece or even a set that has become your favorite.

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Covering your furniture will help preserve the material it is made out of. There are other measures you can take along with covering it that will keep it in great condition for when Spring rolls around.

It helps to clean them or even repaint them depending on what kind of furniture you have. The four types being metal, plastic, fabric or natural materials. Each one is done differently. Click Here to find out how to do each one.

If you take care of your furniture you will get more seasons of usage out of it than you would if you just let it endure the winter without any protection.

Types Of Covers

You can go out and buy throw tarps but there are covers specifically made to cover your patio furniture & equipment in the winter months. See some options below.

Two Chair Cover: Click the image for more details



Love Seat / Bench Cover: Click the image for more details




Stack Of Chairs Cover: Click the image for more details



Chaise Lounge Cover: Click the image for more details



Patio Table Set Cover: Click the image for more detail




Out Door Grill Cover: Click the image for more detail




Don’t leave your precious items outside to fend for themselves.  I hope you have a happy and beautiful winter and I hope these ideas will help you hold onto your patio and lawn furniture for next season.

Feel free to browse around in Old School Lawn Supplies for your needs. If you have any questions or comments kindly leave them below. Thanks for visiting.





18 Replies to “Patio Furniture Winter Covering”

  1. You are so right! Covering your outdoor furniture is very important in order to keep it looking great and lasting more than one season. It’s critical to know how to clean and maintain different types of materials. Woods, metals, wicker, and plastics have different cleaning techniques and require different products to keep them looking great. You also need to understand which material works best for your outdoor climate.

    1. Thank you for adding this information because it is always useful to someone. I try to post good information to assist people in their quest for information. Between all of us that comment and make additions to a post such as yours is always a welcomed thing here at Old School Lawn Service.

  2. Ronnie, you are absolutely right. I have learned the hard way too many times that it is easier to maintain and protect what you’ve already invested in rather than start all over again. Great, informative post!

    1. How true. I am glad that you shared your experience with what would happen if you don’t. There are some beautiful furnishings that are available so once purchased it would be good to keep them looking good as much as possible. Plus as you said you will be protecting your investment.

  3. Hi Ronnie. I really need to do this for my furniture. It is slowly turning green, lol. To be honest I never actually thought about covers for my furniture so I am grateful that I came across your website. By any chance would you know how to rid of the green on my furniture? Thanks in advance for your reply and thanks for this information, I really needed it. 🙂


  4. Hello Ronnie,
    It is always a great idea to protect your furniture now and any time of year and I do appreciate the information you posted. It is very useful information

    Thank you
    Steve Eisbart

    1. Thanks, Steve. I figured sometimes we get wrapped up in other things and forget about the small things so I thought this post would shake some people into remembering how important it is to service their lawn furniture. It will last longer if you do.

  5. Amazing little guide, especially for newbies like me who don’t have any outdoor furniture yet but do want to get some in the future. I like the fact that it preserves the fabric and increases the overall life expectancy. Thanks for a detailed post, keep it up.

    1. You are very welcome. It won’t make sense to purchase the beautiful furnishings that are available and not try to preserve them. I hope a lot of people see the importance of taking care of their investment.

  6. Thanks for your information and advice. I generally don’t cover my outdoor furniture. After reading your article, I feel it is a good idea to cover the furniture. I always think that the cover materials are expensive. Instead of buying the expensive covers, it may be cheaper to just replace the outdoor furniture after few years.

    1. Well, I think that the covers are by far a better way over buying new furniture every two years. But I guess it would also depend on how much you invest in your patio furniture. There is some pretty expensive furniture that can be purchased that would not be fun to have to replace every two years. But I guess it depends on the individual at that point.

  7. I like how you said that a cover will help to preserve your furniture’s material for a long time. Having good replacement covers if the ones you are using get worn would be a good idea. That way you can always have a way to protect your furniture no matter what.

    1. Absolutely. Everything gets worn eventually. But if you take good care of your furnishings it will add life to it. And covering it up is one of the things you do to preserve your furnishings. So always make sure your cover is intact.

  8. My husband and I just bought a home in Palm Springs, CA, and we are looking for ways to cover and protect our patio and the furniture on it. We love how you talked about how covering your furniture preserves the material. These tips will be useful as we search for a professional that can help us find a patio cover that works best for our needs.

    1. Absolutely what I intended to do was let everyone know you have to make an effort to keep your furnishings looking good year after year. I am pretty sure the climate will have some effect on what to use. Wishing you well. Thanks for visiting.

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