Scotts Lawn Care Program
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Everyone wants to have a healthy, thick and strong looking lawn. The environment is much different than many years ago. Our planet does not nurture itself through nature quite as efficient as it did in the past. So we must assist it especially our lawns. Scotts lawn care program is a way to give your lawn what it needs on a schedule.

Why This Program Can Help

Your lawn goes through many things that will keep it from looking its best. You have the weather elements from all seasons. Nature has equipped your lawn with its own defense mechanisms such as it going dormant.

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Also, there are different types of grasses that handle different situations like heat, drought, sunny & shaded areas.

This is a few things other than the turf war your lawn has to face with the constant battle with weeds if you allow weeds to invade your lawn.

These things combined will keep your lawn from thriving and looking thick & healthy.

How The Scotts Lawn Care Program Will Help

What the Scotts 4 step program is designed to do is to help your lawn fight off the weeds, feed it to keep it nourished and ultimately help it survive the winter for the next Spring season.

This is done throughout the year to offset the things that thwart your lawn from becoming its best.

Thus giving you a good looking lawn in the Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.

If you were to use this program every year your lawn will show some improvement and gradually get better and better as time goes on.

The Scotts Lawn Care Process

Lawn Care Steps
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As I mentioned earlier this process is done through the course of the year targeting the problems each season presents to your lawn.

Let’s cover the product & the application steps:

1) The first step is done in the early Spring between Feb. & Apr. It is recommended to do before Easter which is on the 21st of April 2019. The temperature is still cool and you can catch crabgrass before it germinates.

The products 1st step is a weed killer and lawn feeding mix. it is used to kill the crabgrass before it starts and it also feeds the grass to help it become green.

2)  The second step is done late Spring between Apr. & June. Recommended near Memorial Day (May 27th, 2019). And because it is weed control and lawn feeding mix, it helps your lawn to grow strong & thick from the roots up.

Note: It is important to wait 4 to 6 weeks after you apply the first application. It has the job of killing the weeds like the dandelions. Make sure it runs its course.

3)  The third step is done in the Summer between June & Aug. Recommended Close to Independence Day (July 4th, 2019).

It is a lawn feed mixed with 2% iron to help your lawn become strong to fend off heat & drought situations.

4) The fourth step is done in the Fall between Aug. & Nov. Recommended from Labor Day (Sept. 2nd 2019) to Mid Oct.

This step is considered your winterize fertilize application which will strengthen your lawn & help protect it through the winter months. It actually helps it to hold some green to it.


In order for your lawn to look its best, it needs some assistance from you. Don’t get me wrong, your lawn will naturally come in but if you want it to look like a beautiful turf grass these things are needed. It can’t do it alone.

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If you are the type to like to use organic products you can accomplish a good looking lawn using the method of organic feeding a few times a year. It will eventually turn into a beautiful lawn.

The organic way works but it takes time for it to build up your lawn naturally so that it is thick enough to hold its own against weed attacks by choking the weeds out.

Note: The Scotts lawn care program does use chemicals and you need to be aware of that. So use wisely. But it is really effective for quick results.

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