Ornamental Grass Tip
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Ornamental grasses are a beautiful addition to our landscape. They are also pretty much hassle free to maintain during the lawn season. You don’t have to worry about mowing it or none of the other things we do. But when the year ends and the next one is coming you have to think about servicing your ornamental grass for it to look nice the next season.

What Kind Of Ornamental Grass Do You Have?

Ornamental Grass Tip
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I think many people might ask this question. Then some might say it never crossed their minds. I will tell you that if you have a warm season type you will know it. It will go dormant and turn brown.

If they are cool season type they will hold its color throughout the year. Either way, you have to service them in some way.

The Cool season type is a little easier because all you have to do is comb them out to remove some of the brown foliage that builds up a little. This will let them grow better and keep their beauty.

The warm season type makes you work a little. And they have to be taken care of because they go dormant and turn brown.

How to Get In With The New & Out With The Old

This is my expression to warm season ornamental grass. In order for you to keep your ornamental grass looking good, you must shed it from its last season growth. All that brown looking stuff has got to go!

Pruning Ornamental Grass
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Cutting back miscanthus with shears in early spring

Basically, you give it the haircut it needs to make room for the new pretty green stuff you want to see. This is called pruning or cutting back your ornamental grass.

As tedious as it may sound and can be, I am going to share with you how to make it not so bad after all. As I said you are just cutting away the old brown stuff and making room for the new growth to come in.

Many questions are raised at this point like how short or long can I cut it. But just remember this, once it is brown it is done. So if you leave it there, it will never turn back green.  That is the job of the new growth.

So I say get rid of as much as you can with using common sense. It is a strong growing grass. Below is a video that I thought gave a great explanation. Check it out and it will guide you.


Ornamental grass is not only beautiful but really easy to deal with. It is just a matter of when you are servicing it, how can you make it easy on yourself. But one thing is for sure, you have to do some maintenance on it if you plan for it to look good.

So I hope I gave you enough to help you out this season making your lawn look its best.

Thank you for visiting with us and if there are any questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave all concerns in the comment section below. I will respond within 24 hrs of you leaving it.

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