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When your lawn goes dormant depends on the region you live in. In an earlier post, we talked about which grass seed to use in the area you live in. Because of the different climate areas, this also determines when is your lawn dormant in relations to the temperature of your area.

Is My Lawn Dead Or Sleep?

Because when a lawn goes dormant in colder temperatures it turns gets thin and turns into an unattractive color, many people may think their lawn has died. But this is normal because this is how your grass deals with the colder temperatures.

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Although it may appear that your lawn is dead, the crown of the plant is much alive and it is the growth center of your grass. While it contains many nodes that contain buds that produce new independent plant growth called a tiller. Click here for more info.

What Are The Temperature That Makes Your Lawn Go Dormant?

As I mentioned it has a lot to do with the region you live in. If you live in a warm climate you most likely have a warm season grass. They thrive in warmer temperatures but will go dormant at constant temperatures below 55 degrees.

For the cool climate areas, you should have cool season grass which can grow in temperatures between 45-55 degrees and will start dormancy at a constant temperature below 45 degrees.

Remember during this time your lawn will not look its best and if you are not sure if it is just because it is dormant you can always get the temperature of your soil with a thermometer.


Your lawn going into a dormant state is all a natural thing set by nature. It will start to return to its green look as spring comes and set in. So just try to let nature do its thing but as I always mention the lawns need us to help it look beautiful.

So try to keep as much traffic off of it when it freezes and try to remove debris from it as well. Your lawn is only sleeping so that it can survive the winter and bounce back in the Spring.

Thank you for visiting us and I hope this post was good information for those who did not know much about their lawns going dormant. Please leave any comments and questions you have in the comment section.

8 Replies to “When Is Your Lawn Dormant?”

  1. I am not going to lie… I have always believed the grass died every time it got cold. Thanks for sharing this new insight with me. I will be sure to let my family know about this information so they don’t freak out about it anymore, LOL. Great post.
    Have a great day!

    1. Well, to be honest, I did too until I started my lawn service and started digging into all that is involved with servicing someone’s lawn. That is why I love my business because it keeps me finding out new things. As I find them out I share them with everyone on the internet.

  2. Interesting. I know I’ve always thought brown grass looked dead. I knew it came back to life; but, always assumed it was completely new grass.

    Most people would just assume start plowing out the old grass and put in some new.

    Thanks Old School Lawn Service for the info!

  3. I never knew the grass went dormant. I always thought it just died once it got cold out!

    Thanks for the advice. You have saved me a lot of money in grass seed and fertilizer.

    Also, this is a very unique topic that you chose to research and cover. What got you interested in studying the life cycle of grass?

    1. Well, I started a lawn service earlier this year and I just try to educate myself so if I ever get asked a question by one of my customers I would at least be able to give an educated answer.Plus it will help me be able to add another service to my business once I perfect it.

    1. They all have a possibility of not surviving but we hope that they do. Things that will cause them not to survive is not being thoughtful of your lawn in the cold periods. It is best not to trample through it all during the winter as much as possible.

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