Mow Your Lawn Regularly
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Keeping your lawn healthy is very important during the growing season. There are many factors to consider and the way you mow is one of them. We will touch a little on why it is important to mow your lawn regularly and a few tips in the process.

Mowing Every 10 to 14 Days

When you mow your lawn consistently what you are doing is preventing yourself from cutting off more than 1/3 of a blade of grass.

What happens if you constantly let your grass get tall and wack off a lot at one time, you are actually shocking your lawn. Also, you just make more work for yourself because you have to get massive amounts of cut grass up.

And you really are going to work yourself if you try to bag it while you are cutting which is robbing your lawn of the return nourishment it could be getting.

View the video below which covers what over mowing and not mowing enough can do.

To Bag Or Not to Bag

If you are properly cutting your lawn on schedule, you should have small clippings when you mow. I recommend mulching as you mow. The reason being is that it will send those small clippings back into the lawn.

These same clippings are going to be adding nutrients back to your soil. So if you are going to bag while you mow let it be because you have a weed problem.

And I am one to say that you can bag trying to solve a weed problem but you are still going to lose the battle. You need weed control.

Cutting Regularly At A Good Height

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The proper height is important also while you are mowing regularly. Over time your lawn will get thicker which will help fight off some aff lawns worse enemies.

Many people want to cut their lawns extremely low. That is not a good thing to do unless you have the type of grass that needs to be cut low. Click Here for an example of proper heights.


If you regularly cut your lawn you are giving your lawn a chance to thrive at its best because you are not stressing it out by letting it get so tall you are pretty much whacking off a half a blade.

You are also going to help it to look even and thick as every blade will be pretty much consistent in height.

While cutting regularly remember that the clippings can be your lawns best friend. All this helps you keep a healthy lawn. 

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