Why you shouldn't leave leaves over the winter
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If you are in tune with maintaining your lawn, you will think ahead to prevent problems that will keep you from having a healthy yard. Leaving a ton of leaves in your yard over the winter is one problem you should think of. Continue reading to see why you should not leave leaves in your yard over the winter months.

Are They Good or Bad?

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Well, there are many ways you can look at it. Fallen leaves are a natural thing. Because it is nature doing its thing, it has to be some good in it. But when we built houses and developed the yard for a home, the atmosphere changes a little bit from purely natural.

Where leaves do provide the brown in your compost, it does smother out the lawns of homes.

That means you can still benefit from leaves but they can also put a damper on the health of your lawn.

If you are the type that rakes the leaves up for their compost bins you are one step ahead. You have a purpose which leads to removing the leaves before winter.

I believe in putting nutrients back into the soil so even mowing them & mulching them is an option that some use.

But those without a purpose will leave them lying around all winter. Bad move!

The Hazards Of A Bed of Leaves Over The Winter

Fungal Leaf Spot Disease
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Fungal Leaf Spot Disease

Being in the lawn care business I have seen some yards that leaves sat around all winter.

The thing is that they end up bunched up against the fence line or one gigantic pile in the corner. Wherever they get stuck lying around they cause a few problems for your lawn.

First, let’s think about prior to Winter during the Fall. This is the time when any sunlight to your lawn is a welcoming thing. While your root structure is trying to prepare for the winter, sunlight is important.

If you have a bunch of leaves lying around then the health of your lawn is being jeopardized.

Because they do hold moisture you are opening your lawn up to different diseases, mold & mildews. So if you really think about it you can see the hazards and how they can affect your lawn.

Below is a good explanation on leaves that are left behind when winter sets in.

After The Winter Months

Many people say well they will breakdown, they are bio-degradable. Well, if you let them pile on and never do anything they will still hang in there partially broke down.

Whatever the leaves cover will not grow well. Heck, I have seen all kinds of strange things growing out of leaves left all Winter. That means a possible spread of the surprise package they have allowed to grow.

Above all things, it just looks bad.

So get those leaves up whether you get them up to use them for your compost or to help maintain your lawn.



If you really want to help your lawn out in every season, just think ahead and take the steps to prevent problems for your lawn. The Fall always brings leaves to deal with. While it is a pretty season it bares leaves. And cleanup can be a pain.

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Now, don’t go making your neighbors mad by doing what the video said blowing them into other peoples yard. LOL.

If you are too busy, physically can’t or just don’t want to clean them up, consider getting someone to do it for you. At least you know you won’t have to deal with the mess of leaves that sat all winter.

Give us a call at 405-420-6948 if you are in our area. We have the means of ridding you of the chore of removing the leaves on your property.

Thanks for visiting in with us and feel free to contact me for cleanup if you are in my area.

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